This document is one of three business plans for potential new IWT services (EMMA activity 4.3).

New IWW services in Lithuania should be based on existing and potential IWW customers and IWW ships operators. The Lithuanian IWW network for the freight transportation is between Klaipeda port and Kaunas that means partly E70 and E41.

Today the main goods transported by IWW are construction materials, wood production and small amount of other cargo. Potential cargoes, which can be transported by Lithuanian IWW are:

  • Oversize cargo (wind meals, spare parts, heavy machinery for the energy and chemical industry as well construction big and heavy spear parts);
  • Grain, wood and wood production;
  • Chemistry production (fertilizers and raw materials for fertilizers producing);
  • LNG as fuel for small cities hitting stations and other users.      

Potential cargo owners are companies, which produce mentioned goods or use these and transport companies, like chemical fertilizers producing company ACHEMA, heavy machinery reparing and renovating company GARANT, Lithuanian wood producing companies, grain storage company KAUNO GRUDAI, LNG import terminal operating company KLAIPEDOS NAFTA and other compamies.

New potential users of the IWW find that IWW are more useful from economical and environmental point of view, as well as existing IWW did not used properly and are good potential possibilities increase competivenes in comparison with other similar Lithuania and neighboring Countries companies, which can not use IWW.