The Location Study for the project entitled: “Multimodal Platform Based on Water, Rail, Road and Air Transport with a Logistics-Storage Centre and a River Port Located in the Indicated Area of the Left Bank of the Vistula River (km 766-771), Considering the Area of the City of Bydgoszcz and Commune of Solec Kujawski”.

Content of the study:

1. Background, Essence and Objectives of the Project
2. Inland Waterway Transport in Poland and Europe
3. Analysis of Demand
4. Analysis of Local Determinants
4.1. Navigation Analysis
4.2. Hydrological Analysis
4.3. Hydrotechnical Determinants
4.4. Geological Determinants
4.5. Environmental Analysis
4.6. Analysis of Spatial and Infrastructural Determinants
4.7. Analysis of Formal and Legal Determinants
4.8. Area Availability
5. Location Variants of the Multimodal Platform
6. Development of a River Port with Necessary Infrastructure
7. Construction Costs of the Multimodal Platform
8. Financial and Economic Effectiveness of the Investment Project
9. Project Schedule