The EMMA application define that the target group of activity 3.1 output are politicians and administrations responsible for IWT matters in the BSR (regional, national, BSR level). It is planned to give them information and arguments to start changes in their administration and political environment. The EMMA project sees a mayor chance to develop IWT in BSR when the responsible administration concentrate and support any progress in IWT transport as much as possible even it is not initiated by themselves. EMMA partners are willing and able to start these progresses in the BSR country in initiate the needed start for the next steps. Administrations are responsible for the infrastructure and the regulation of IWT. An EMMA initiative can besides help to deliver political support and financial contribution for the realization of relevant projects. Therefore also IWT lobby organizations using the information for further improving their lobby work will be addressed by activity 3.1.
The main output is an analysis and recommendation report in Germany, Poland, Sweden, Finland and Lithuania with a section about BSR/EU level. The reports will be in English and relevant sections translated for national discussions and meetings.
The report will be especially used as input for the roundtables with experts in the BSR in WP5. It contains an analysis of existing IWT responsibility structures in respective administration as well as gives recommendations how to improve these structures. This should be helpful for the administrations to accommodate the IWT development in the next decades to meet the policy objectives.