The study focuses on a section between Warsaw and Tricity ports, with a particular focus on the Lower Vistula waterway. It would allow to use the economic potential of centres such as: Warszawa, Płock, Włocławek, Toruń, Bydgoszcz, and Grudziądz, with an option for an increase in cargo shipping services on courses servicing the above-mentioned centres, and the Tricity ports, particularly, container terminals in Gdańsk and Gdynia.

In the study it was assumed that a target place for loading, unloading and transshipment could be a centre located at the Vistula Meander between Solec Kujawski and Bydgoszcz, with an access for traffic (national road DK-10, railway line Kutno–Piła, and nearness of the railway line Chorzów Batory – Tczew (Gdańsk), national road DK-80, and the express road S-5, as well as A-1 motorway).
In the localisation study for the investment project “Multimodal platform based on water, railway, road, and air transport with a logistic centre and a river port located in a selected area of the left Vistula bank (km 766–771), taking into account the City of Bydgodzcz and the Solec Kujawski commune, prepared by WYG INTERNATIONAL Sp. z o.o. from Warsaw, localisation of the multimodal port in Solec Kujawski was specified as an optimal for the Lower Vistula section.

This study focuses on aspects related to customer needs related to transport and shipment services performed as a part of inland waterway transport, and in particular, concerns costs of this project from the point of view of customers for transport and shipment services in such way that the use of inland waterway transport services become a cost-efficient solution for them. In Western Europe, a predominating trend in contemporary inland waterway transport is transport of cargo in containers. This business plan focuses on this trend, analysing its application to the waterway transport on Vistula.

Environmental aspects and logistics operations are solely of auxiliary and supplementary nature, and as such are not a main subject of the analysis. The section of interest, from Warsaw (the exit from the Siekierkowski Port) to Gdańsk (the Vistula estuary) is 431 km long.

The aim of this analysis is to identify a new regular shipping service servicing container shipments, with an option for transport of -size cargo or big-bags in place of unused cargo hold.