EMMA organized a parliamentary breakfast focused on waterways and digitization

Thursday, September 13, 2018 - 03:00

Last week, a parliamentary breakfast took place in the Café Einstein "Unter den Linden" in Berlin.

The breakfast was organized and presented by the EMMA project and its partners Chamber of Commerce East-Brandenburg, Port of Hamburg Marketing and Federation of German Inland Ports. It aimed to inform parliamentarian about the status on inland navigation sector and improvement needs as analyzed by the EMMA project.

The topics were chosen according to new EMMA results and the sectoral challenges of inland navigation identified by project: maintenance and infrastructure needs along the waterways Elbe and Oder as well as the digitization of ports and waterways in Germany. With about 10 members of parliament and employees of the Bundestag from all parties this breakfast was very well attended.

As a special guest, Mrs. Minister Schneider (MIL Brandenburg) attended the greeting. During the breakfast, the speakers Boris Kluge from the Federal Association of Public Inland Ports (ELBE), Mr. Radzimanowski (ODER), Mr. Fiedler of the Lutra GmbH / Port Königs-Wusterhausen (digitization) and Mrs. Schneider shortly presented the challenge, vision and needed support to overcome shortages. Question and answers were possible during the presentations and thus there were numerous requests from parliamentarians and staff during the parliamentary breakfast, both to the speakers and to Minister Schneider. The concept made it possible for parliamentarians to listen more attentively to the topics and directly develop inquiries, feedback and discuss with lecturers.