We interviewed Vladimiras Vinokurovas regarding the Lithuanian EMMA Extension pilot. Vladimiras is the CEO at the Lithuanian Inland Waterways Authority, which is the Lithuanian project partner in the EMMA Extension project. SE (State Enterprise) Inland Waterways Authority is appointed to be the administrator of inland waterways of the Republic of Lithuania.

What do you consider the biggest achievement of the already ended project EMMA?

The biggest achievement of the already ended project EMMA is the fact that the Lithuanian inland waterways network became visible in Europe. Before the EMMA project began, there was barely no information about the Lithuanian inland waterway network in Lithuania. Numerous meetings were held during the EMMA project, for instance with the European Barge Union, and EMMA project helped the Lithuanian inland waterway network to enter the twenty-first century.

What kind of expectations do you have for its extension, the EMMA Extension project?

The EMMA Extension project will help inland waterway transport to become an alternative mode of transport in Lithuania. The launch of regular inland waterway routes will help to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and solve traffic problems. Most importantly, the EMMA Extension project will help to show freight carriers that transporting freight via inland waterways is an alternative and actually cheaper and more efficient way to transport any type of cargoes.

How would you describe your national EMMA Extension pilot?

During the EMMA Extension project, regular freight route will be developed. The route will connect Klaipeda seaport and Kaunas inland port. During the EMMA Extension, Lithuanian Inland Waterways Authority will attempt to carry as many different types of cargo as possible to show prospective shippers that inland waterway transport can be cheaper, greener and more efficient than other modes of transport.

What are its expected results?

The most expected result is to launch regular routes between seaports and inland ports in Lithuania and encourage the development of inland ports as well as adapt seaports to serve also inland waterway vessels.

How will the pilot proceed during the EMMA Extension project (2019–2021)?

Our work has progressed well and to this day, cargo deliveries for two different customers have been carried out. In total, 45 containers were delivered on route Klaipeda – Kaunas, and 46 containers were delivered on route Kaunas – Klaipeda. The total distance travelled until now is 1400 kilometers, and preparations for this year’s cargo deliveries has begun.

What kind of value do the EMMA Extension project and the pilot bring to your region?

They bring positive attitude towards competent improvement of inland waterway transport. Lithuania has begun investing in repair and maintenance of inland waterway infrastructure. The biggest investments that were confirmed are 27 million euros for E41 inland waterway repairs during 2019–2023 as well as 2,6 million euros for equipment purchase for fairway maintenance works between Lithuania and Belarus.


In questions regarding the Lithuanian EMMA Extension pilot, please contact:

Mr. Vladimiras Vinokurovas
CEO, SE Inland Waterways Authority

Mr. Dainius Balevicius
Head of inland waterways and hydrotechnical buildings department, SE Inland Waterways Authority
Tel: +370 645 50897