• The Finnish Transport Agency uses yearly over 10 million euros for the maintenance of Saimaa Canal and Saimaa waterways.
  • With the current traffic volumes the utilization percentage of the Saimaa Canal is about 25–30% and utilization of Saimaa waterways is about 1 %.
  • Vessels that operate in the Saimaa waterway can transport cargo directly to Europe as far as France or England without additional material handling operations
  • Customers of shipping companies consider Saimaa vessel traffic to be very environmentally friendly and safe transport mode with only few accidents in its history.
  • Shippers are very pleased with the port operations and other supporting operations in the supply chain.
  • Shipping companies’ freight rates and port operators handling costs are very competitive.
  • All inland ports in the Saimaa area have excellent road and railway connections. For example they have the same railway gauge with Russia and a fast railway connection to China. (approximately 11 days)

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