EMMA Extension will base on results and recommendations from EMMA and is the logical next step in further developing IWT services in the BSR by supporting implementation. Thus, the project will increase the quality and durability of results. EMMA Extension will focus on two main areas of action, as also recommended to deal with in the EMMA policy paper:
1) To support the further implementation of harmonised measures for strengthening RIS and VTS in the BSR.
2) To implement commercial pilots in SE, LT and PL which will showcase feasibility of IWT services in supply chains and promote IWT to cargo owners and forwarders in these emerging IWT markets.


Work Package: "Implementing RIS and VTS Services in the BSR"

  • Implementing Smart Fairway Solution in Puhos fairway, Finland
  • Implementing Bridge Clearance Application to RIS in Szcezcin, Poland
  • Supporting Amplementation Actions - Knowledge Transfer and Impact
    This includes the organisation of study visits and annual conferences to inform stakeholders.

Work Package: "Implementing New Logistic Concepts in the BSR"

  • Implementation of a commercial IWT pilot in Lithuania
  • Implementation of a commercial IWT pilot in Poland
  • Implementation of a commercial IWT pilot in Sweden
  • Development and execution of promotional campaign on the benefits of IWT in the BSR closely connected to the commercial sailings


IWT needs to be competitive to be integrated into multimodal transport chains. Telematics systems have been used in other modes for years but IWT is lagging behind, especially in the BSR. These measures
contribute to more accurate information on traffic and infrastructure conditions and on the location of vehicles and goods. Further, better access to and sharing of digital transport data for stakeholders along the supply
chain will foster seamless information flows and open a wide range of new business opportunities. Also, waterway management authorities benefit from more accurate data for maintenance.

The pilots are based on the technical and commercial concepts developed, respectively promotional and research cruises tested in EMMA. Pushing the implementation of commercial IWT services further, by involving
cargo owners and testing the shift of transport mode towards IWT under real conditions, is unique and will directly feedback opportunities and potential adaptation needs to IWT stakeholders.

Thus, EMMA Extension will achieve a significant impact regarding modal shift and by that reduce of emissions, accidents and cost.