COCEB is member of the Chambers' Union Elbe/Oder and has the written mandate to represent this Chambers' Union within the EMMA project.

Founded in 2000 the Chambers' Union Elbe/Oder combines 34 regional chambers of commerce along the central European inland waterway network of rivers Elbe and Oder from GER, PL and CZ.

The Chambers' Union aims to promote and strengthen the economic integration of its member countries GER, PL and CZ. In this respect an effective and sustainable infrastructure is needed also to link differing national networks by multimodal transport solutions and the extension of land- and sea based cross-border transport incl. inland navigation.

Chambers' Union Elbe/Oder co-operates, besides others, with Inland Navigation Europe (INE), Verein für europäische Binnenschifffahrt und Wasserstraßen e.V. (vbw.ev), Elbe Allianz, Verein zur Förderung des Stromgebiets Oder/Havel e.V.

Postal address: 
Puschkinstraße 12 b
15236 Frankfurt (Oder)