ISL is an independent, not-profit making research institute founded in 1954 located in Bremen and Bremerhaven, Germany.

ISL is one of the leading maritime research and consulting institutes in Europe. Around 50 employees work together in interdisciplinary project teams in the four departments Logistical Systems, Maritime Economics and Transport, Information Logistics and Planning and Simulation Systems, well equipped with modern instruments in practice-oriented research and development projects.

ISL operates one of the worldwide largest libraries specialised on maritime transport and logistics, which serves as a leading centre for maritime information and documentation, and publishes statistical market analyses (ISL Shipping Statistics and Market Review, ISL Shipping Statistics Yearbook) for more than 40 years.

ISL led the EC projects COREM, CHINOS, RISING and INTEGRITY as overall coordinator and BOPCom as technical coordinator and participated in the European projects TAIE, RTIS, MASIS, WISDOM, VTMIS-NET, PROSIT, EUTP II, ADVANCES, ALSO Danube, D2D, MTCP, EU-MOP, PROMIT, CASSANDRA, eFreight and currently CORE.

Postal address: 
Universitätsallee 11-13
28359 Bremen