KSRC is non-profit public entity work mainly in Maritime Sector.  Main tasks of the KSRC: Maritime policy; Shipping research, organization and management; Shipping safety and security; Logistics; Port development; Navigational safety; Port operations and optimization; Transport corridors research and optimization; Motorway of the sea research and organization, LNG transportation, storage and networking.

KSRC was created in 2007. KSRC team work in Maritime Sector since 1990 with National and International Maritime Research Programs and Projects, such us EU programmes.

KSRC last 5 years take a part or managing in FP7 MARPOS, EUPORTTRAItS projects, in 2 Baltic Sea region projects (East-West Transport corridor II, Amber cost logistics), in 2  South Baltic Region projects (OVERSIZE BALTIC, MT-LNG), in number Lithuania national projects (> 20).

Postal address: 
Igulos str. 18A-5
92294 Klaipeda Lithuania